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Touching Sad Love Story - Speed!

Touching Sad Love Story - Speed!

It was a happy evening of Valentine's Day. The twilight of the evening was gradually deepening. A bike was going at a high speed on the highway. Two people were riding on the bike, a boy and a girl. The age is 20-22 years.

Both were old friends of each other. Had to meet often, talk. And when the meeting turned into love, they did not know. But the boy started. He proposed to the girl one day alone, giving her a cute little rose.

The girl shocked, but was not surprised to hear the boy. Because for some days he too started having something. Whenever she met the boy, she liked it. She wanted to spend more and more time with him, wanted to talk to him. But she could not give any name to these feelings.

So when the boy proposed, the girl was very happy. He did not deny, but did not even agree. Just agreed to the gestures. But the boy was not satisfied with it. He had decided that on this day the girl would be told her mind. That is why he arranged a party today. Close friends of both were going to come to the party and there was going to be a lot of big bang.

Both people were very excited thinking the thrill of the party. Then the boy did not know that he took off his helmet and caught the girl and speeded up the bike. On reaching the fork at 70-80-90, the girl felt scared. He was having trouble catching the helmet. So he put on the helmet and said loudly - I say, reduce the speed.

No, speak I Love You first. The boy put his demand in front.

Good Baba, I Love You. Now reduce the speed.

No, this will not work, Give me a hug.

Saying this, the boy turned and looked at the girl sitting behind. But the girl's eyes were forward. She trembled at the sight of the front. Because a truck was coming from the front very fast. She spoke in a loud voice - Look ahead, forward…

But by the time the boy looked ahead, it was too late. The very next moment, a bike running at a speed of 90 collided with the truck coming from the front. After that, there was darkness in front of both the eyes.

The next morning the news appeared in the newspaper - the truck hit the motorcycle on the highway. The motor cycle boy died on the spot. But the girl sitting behind survived. That too because he was wearing a helmet.

Friends, this is a true story. It says a lot. You yourself are sensible, you have already understood the meaning. Why right?

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