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Some memories - a little love story | school life love story

Some memories - a little love story school life love stories

That small yellow bag, in which he did not know how many precious Abir was hidden. Maybe ! After the puja, everyone should have bought it to apply tilak.
        I was making prasad by cutting thick carrot into a brass plate. All of us students collected donations and organized Saraswati Puja. Some children did not pay any money, gave some fruits for worship or for some offerings. This was the carrot that Vikram had uprooted from his fields for offerings.
 We were making fun of that carrot because of the carrot being thick. That poor silent chap was sitting in a corner and cutting off the poke and we were cutting the prasad by chilling with some friends.
All of these things were definitely lost, but my eyes were only looking for him.
Pushpa was the queen of dark face, black eyes and long hair.
Pushpa was the most fearless and talkative girl of my class, she was also good at reading, which was why the respect of the boys in front of her was just like a foolish pundit.

For this reason all of us boys used to be irritated by him, but I had a lot of respect for him in my heart.
She always used to fight with us boys, used to get angry and would also give taunts to not read. But don't know why! I still loved her.
She used to come by school time each day. But today there is Saraswati Puja, then she did not come to school till 9 in the morning.
My eyes were looking for him here and there,
"Oh wow!" Seeing Pushpa, the word suddenly came out of my mouth.
The sky-colored top, blue dot, puja thali in hands and two braid of hair entered through the first door of the school.
Seeing him, my happiness was on the seventh sky, the heart was asking me to talk to him now. But was afraid of his combative nature, do not make him stop by speaking to the principal.
It was strictly forbidden to talk to girls in my school,

"Should I help in cutting the prasad?" Pushpa said.

I was surprised, who once used to fight, thought it was stupid to talk about helping today.
I had accepted it as the blessings of Mother Saraswati. But friends always used to say, Saraswati Maa only imparts knowledge and not girls.

"Yes… yes… definitely" I said with a stuttering tongue.
Now, in addition to our friends, Pushpa was also cutting prasad.
Sometimes my fingers used to touch his fingers to catch the carrot. She looked very beautiful and happy mood today.
After half an hour the worship started, all the students were sitting near the mother's statue.
Me and Pushpa were bringing small items and bringing them to the statue. He had a bag of Abir in a yellow bag in his hand.
Having arranged all the things, I also sat near the statue and Pushpa was standing next to me.
Suddenly, a girl tried to pull Abir's wad from Pushpa's hand, she could not snatch it, but he had definitely got two. And his whole abir had fallen on my head.
Abir had spread through the forehead, his face had turned red from Abir and his face was ashamed.
All the boys were laughing, laughing at the girls, and I was trying to remove Apeer.
Pushpa apologized to me the next day and then later that day we both became a good friend. And when this friendship turned into love, nothing was known.
Even today, when Saraswati Puja celebrations take place, these memories become fresh.

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