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Love story of a king English

Love story of a king English

A long time ago there was a king and he had three wives. The king loved his first wife very much, he considered his second wife as a friend and whenever he had a problem, he used to take suggestions from his first wife. The king did not love his third wife, but his third wife loved him very much. King Hemsa was very busy in his works.
One day, the health of the king became very bad and there was little hope of his survival. The king had a wish that he did not want to die alone. He called his first wife and said, "Come up with me to God, on hearing this, she will not go with you in dialect." I want to live now

After that the king remembered his second wife, when she heard that her husband wants to take her with him, she went and said to him - I am still young, I will not go with you and after you die the second Will get married Hearing this, the king was very sad and heartbroken and he did not call his third wife. He was thinking that his third wife came and went with herself and will go with you in bid.

The king was very happy to listen to him, but then became very disappointed and said that I did not love you all my life and today you promised to go with me. The king said that I will never forgive myself. The only lesson we learn from this story is that love him who loves you, not with whom you do

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