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How to quit bad habits - the story of a rich father's boy

We all are troubled by some bad habit and after much chaos, that habit becomes canker and it becomes very difficult for us to give up that habit. If we control our bad habits then we will never fail.
A long time ago, there was a very rich man, he had only one son and a lot of his beliefs were very bad. Whenever his father used to tell him to quit his bad habit, he would give only one reply - now, when I am small, all will be saved. But his father was very worried about this.

One day when a Mahatma came to his city, he came to know and he went to Mahatma and told him everything about his son clearly. Then Mahatma ji said - You brought your son to my residence yesterday morning. The next morning he reached Mahatma Ji's son with his son. Mahatma ji took him to the garden and there was a small tree on the way, Mahatma ji asked the boy to uproot him - he immediately went and uprooted the tree. After going a little further away, another tree had to be planted. Mahatma ji asked to uproot it too - he uprooted it too. The boy's father was watching everything very carefully. After some rash and walking, another big and strong tree appeared, Mahatma ji said to the boy - also uproot it, he went very fast. But he could not uproot that tree. Because he became very strong. Then Mahatma ji called that boy and said that just as you were not able to uproot this big tree, in the same way you cannot change your bad habit when you grow up. The boy understood this latter and vowed to quit all his bad habits.

Friends, we get to learn from this story that if we do not leave our bad habits soon, then later on we will face a lot of trouble. If you like this story, then do not forget to comment.

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